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Why You Should Add Produce Bags to Your Plants

A person wears gardening gloves while caring for a houseplant.
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Proper plant care can be quite the learning curve even for seasoned plant parents, particularly when it comes to watering and drainage. If you’re tired of dealing with drainage issues with your indoor plant babies, there’s a plant hack for you.

Consider using produce bags in your plant-care process to aid in drainage.

Produce bags—you know, the ones typically used to store fruits like clementines and vegetables like onions—can serve a purpose in your houseplant care. It’s all explained by TikTok content creator @conniesgreenthumb.


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By placing a layer of produce bags at the bottom of your pot before adding soil, you can improve drainage and prevent water from sitting at the bottom of your pot.

This eco-friendly plant hack can prevent root rot, as well as other annoying plant issues that arise from poor drainage. Ultimately, it can help lead to healthier, happier houseplants.

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But that’s not all. Produce bags can also be used to create a breathable layer between your soil and decorative rocks or other top dressings. This helps to prevent decorative items from seeping into the soil layer, which can cause drainage issues over time.

The next time you finish a bag of onions, don’t throw out the mesh bag. Instead, use it in a repotting project. Your houseplants (and your drainage system) will thank you!

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