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A Banana Peel Is the Secret to Healthy Plants

A person rubs a banana peel on the leaves of a houseplant.

When it comes to plant care, you probably know the basics of being a plant parent. You need to water them properly, ensure they’re exposed to enough (or not too much) sunlight, and yes, keep them clean. A banana might be just what you need to do the latter.

You can use banana peels to clean your plants’ leaves and create fertilizer.

If you haven’t been dusting your plants, it might be the plant care step you’ve been missing. When your plants’ leaves become covered in dust, hair, or other common home debris, the pores they use to absorb sunlight and make food for themselves can become blocked. So while dusting plants might not seem like a big deal, it’s actually pretty important.

Indoor Watering Can with Long Spout

Water your plants with this chic can.

This plant hack is as simple (but effective) as it gets. After you’re done enjoying your banana, use the interior of the peel to dust plant leaves. Wipe them down gently, and you’ll find dust removed and a slight shine left behind.

But that’s not the only way to use the peel. Once they’ve done their duty and dusted your plant, cut them up and soak them in water for a few days. Then, use the water to water your plants. Why? Bananas are filled with potassium, phosphorus, and calcium—all nutrients your plant needs. The  water can help root growth, strengthen your plants’ stems, and promote overall vitality. Not bad for a banana peel, right?

If your houseplants have seemed a bit lackluster lately, the only thing you might need is that leftover banana peel from your morning smoothie.

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