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Why You Should Put Lemon Peels in Your Pantry

A lemon is peeled with the skin in a spiral.
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Are pesky ants invading your pantry and stealing your snacks? It’s time to act. If you’re trying to figure out how to prevent ants but don’t want to deal with nasty-smelling repellants, then don’t worry. There’s a natural ant-repellant hack you definitely want to try.

Putting lemon peels in your pantry can ward off ants (which most of us have in our kitchens). Simply cut off a few lemon peels and place them around your food storage cupboards and pantry, then expect the ants to flee.

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But why do lemon peels work as an ant repellent? Well, it turns out that ants absolutely despise the scent of citrus. By placing lemon peels around your pantry or anywhere else you’ve spotted ant activity, you can create a natural barrier that will keep them away.

The best part about using lemon peels as an ant repellent is it’s easy and affordable. Simply save your lemon peels from used lemons and scatter them around areas where ants like to congregate. You can also place them near entryways where ants may be entering your home.

Of course, after a few days, you’ll want to switch them out. No one wants rotting lemons peels in their pantry. Of course, you can always try some lemon essential oil as well if you just aren’t that much of a lemon eater (though we do love a good lemon recipe).

Next time you finish squeezing a lemon for its juice, don’t toss those peels in the trash or compost. Instead, use them as a DIY bug repellent and say “goodbye” to kitchen ants.

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