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Can a Cold Shower Make You More Productive?

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In today’s day and age, there are a lot of simple hacks that can boost your productivity levels and ensure you have a better day. But are cold showers on this list? Does a cold shower make you productive?

As it turns out, if you don’t mind getting a little uncomfortable, a cold shower might do just the trick.

If you’re hoping to increase your energy levels and give your productivity the jumpstart it needs, try changing your shower temperature habits. By taking a cold shower in the morning, you can stimulate your body and mind, giving you a boost of alertness that may help you power through your day with more energy.

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Inc spoke with Dr. Ashwini Nadkarni, an associate psychiatrist and instructor at Harvard Medical School, about the topic of cold showers and productivity. Nadkarni explained that taking a cold shower can activate your sympathetic nervous system, making you feel more energized and alert. While being more “productive” isn’t a guarantee, it could be worth a shot.

In addition to activating your nervous system, the density of cold receptors in your skin can send electrical impulses to your brain, increasing your alertness. Essentially, the experience of a cold shower revitalizes both your mind and body to make you feel awake and alive.

If you often find yourself feeling sluggish or unmotivated in the mornings, consider taking a cold shower instead of a warm one to electrify your day. You might be surprised at how quickly the sluggishness leaves and the productivity boost you feel.

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