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What Is Celtic Salt?

Wooden spoons are filled with different types of salt.
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If you are of the understanding that salt is salt and there are no differences between the types, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you you’re wrong… but, well, you’re wrong. There’s actually a lot of variety and not all salt is the same.

You’ve likely heard about sea salt, pink, iodized salt, and the like, but what is Celtic salt?

Celtic salt—-sometimes called gray salt—is becoming increasingly popular in the culinary world. This type of salt is harvested from the tidal pools off the coast of France, and it gets its gray color from the clay and minerals in the surrounding area.

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Give Celtic salt a try and see how it changes your home-cooked recipes!

Celtic salt often has a more complex flavor than your regular table salt or kosher salt, which is a big reason for its growing popularity. Celtic salt tends to have a higher moisture content and uniquely sized crystals, making it perfect as a finishing salt for a dish.

While all types of salt contain trace minerals, the amounts in the different types vary. This means you can expect unique flavors and levels of saltiness from the different salts you try. But despite retaining these minerals, they’re unlikely to lead to any health benefits as they don’t contain quite enough, and it’s important for people to regulate their salt intake for health purposes.

Should you try Celtic salt? That’s up to you. In terms of health benefits, it’s not very different from your average sea salt or table salt. But if you’re looking to jazz up a meal with something fancy, Celtic salt is well worth a try.

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