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Why You Should Keep That Clover in Your Yard

A man holds up a four leaf clover in front of a lawn.
Lowell Heddings / LifeSavvy

People love their lawns. They’ve got their mowing routine down pat, and they know how to aerate like a pro. For many lawn lovers, clover is the bane of their grass’s existence, but before you try to banish that clover into oblivion, there are reasons to rethink things.

Clover can be beneficial to your entire yard thanks to its ability to attract pollinators, crowd out weeds, and keep your space low maintenance.

Arguably, the biggest reason to get rid of clover is for aesthetics. Removing it gives a uniform look to your lawn, and if you’ve got family that’s allergic to certain pollinators, it might be best. But you really should know about clover’s benefits before going straight for the herbicide.

First, clover lawns are low maintenance and can handle more foot traffic than traditional grass. Clover is what’s known as a “nitrogen fixer” which essentially means its roots are filled with bacteria that extract nitrogen and convert it into the form of nitrogen required for growth. That nitrogen goes into the soil where others can benefit from it (like your grass).

Then, there’s the fact that if you do a lot of entertaining in your yard—or have rambunctious kids—grass can easily become beat down and trampled, looking ragged and making your lawn look ragged as a result. Clover is hearty and won’t become compacted like grass.

Finally, there are the bugs it attracts. Bees and ladybugs alongside other beneficial pollinators are drawn to it, but common garden pests are repelled by it. Essentially, you’ll get the insects you want and not the ones you don’t.

If you’ve been considering eradicating the clover from your lawn, you might want to think again. In fact, you might want to include clover care as part of your spring lawn maintenance. 

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