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How WD-40 Can Prevent Bugs

A can of WD-40 sits on a countertop.
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Summer is quickly approaching, bringing warm weather, fun in the sun, and…bugs. If you struggle with how to keep bugs out of your home every year, you’ve probably tried traps, sprays, and even “home remedies.” But there’s one surprising thing that might work—and you probably already have it.

WD-40 could help you keep bugs out of your home.

WD-40 has plenty of uses, though most people keep it on hand to fix squeaky doors, loosen rusty bolts, or lube up chains or gears. So it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about insect repellent, but it can keep your home bug-free.

By using a light coating of WD-40 around your doorframes, windows, and any other opening to your home, you’ll create a barrier between the outside and inside. It deters insects from coming in, and will essentially “seal” up your house.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product

Keeps doors from squeaking and bugs at bay.

The only bugs that still might be able to get in are flies, but you can say goodbye to ants, spiders, and other pesky insects.

If you already have an infestation inside your home, you can still use WD-40 to manage it. Simply spray a coating wherever you see the infestation and in any small cracks or holes nearby. The dissolvent properties of WD-40 will help to eliminate your bug problem quickly.

Most insects—even spiders—can find their way into a home through the tiniest of cracks. Pay close attention to any potential entrances, and give them a spray. This common hardware store product could be the best hack for keeping bugs out of your home this year.

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