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There’s a Glass Version of the Stanley Cup

A glass tumbler has multi-colored covers.

Everyone in your life seems to have the Stanley tumbler, and even if that’s not true, you probably can’t log onto social media without seeing one. While there are already alternatives out there, for those who don’t love using a stainless steel water bottle, one of them is particularly interesting.

You can get a glass version of the Stanley tumbler thanks to an Amazon alternative.

The Vokovo Glass Tumbler features many of the same features as the Stanley, but for those looking to move away from stainless steel and for those craving something a bit more aesthetic, this is the cup for them.

Unlike the Stanley, the Vokovo holds slightly less at 32 ounces (that’s still a lot of water), and like the original, it does have an ergonomically designed, large grip handle as well as a tapered base to fit in a cup holder. The differences come in the materials.

While the Stanley cup is known for its stainless steel construction, some have argued the metal gives drinks—specifically water—a metallic taste. That’s where the glass version comes in. The Vokovo obviously doesn’t have the insulation powers of the Stanley, but if you don’t need them and are simply looking for a great tumbler, it’s ideal.

Sure, it’s glass, but it’s specifically borosilicate glass that makes it more durable than items like wine glasses. Think of the sturdiness of a Pyrex measuring cup, and that’s what you’re getting here. Plus, the tumbler comes with a silicone sleeve if you want to add some color (there are options like pink, purple, and teal) as well as prevent sweating.

Plus, while the Stanley retails for $45, this glass iteration is just $24.99.

If the Stanley tumbler was never really your thing, the glass water bottle might be the right alternative—just maybe don’t drop it.

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