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Why You Should Keep a Swiffer Duster in Your Car

A person drives a car into a sunset.

Our cars get dirty…easily. From fast food wrappers to receipts, your floorboard can quickly look like a trash can. Of course, you can just toss that stuff into a bag and clear it out, but what about the smaller bits of dirt? French fry crumbs, pet hair floating off your clothes, and general dust are harder to vanquish, but a common household cleaning product could help.

You should keep a Swiffer duster in your car to ensure your dashboard, air vets, and other flat surfaces stay smooth.

If you’re like me, one of your 2023 goals was to keep your car clean (admittedly, it does, in fact, look like a trash can sometimes) or maybe you’ve always been a great steward of your vehicle and take pride in its beauty. Either way, car cleaning hacks can help, and a Swiffer is one of them. The small, fluffy duster pads are excellent for attracting all those little bits of debris you miss when throwing out your larger trash.

Unlike bulky handheld vacuums, Swiffers can easily slip into a glove compartment, center console, or backseat storage. Whether you keep the handle or simply keep the pads in your car, they’re all small enough to fit. There’s no electricity required to use it, and you won’t deal with dust swirling in your face as you clean.

If keeping your car clean has proven difficult or if you’re looking for an easier way to do so than with a traditional vacuum, keeping a Swiffer duster in your car is the answer.

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