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You Can Stay In A Bread Hotel & Yes, There Are Snacks

bread hotel
Hotels.com/Expedia Group

If you’re devoted to Airbnb, Hotels.com is about to make you rethink your decision to skip out on traditional hotel lodging. You might be able to rent a treehouse on Airbnb, but now, thanks to Hotels.com, you can now stay in a bread hotel. And yes, there are snacks.

The new “bread & breakfast” is located in New York City’s Refinery Hotel, and its theme may be the most impeccably executed decor you’ve ever seen. According to a press release from Hotel.com’s parent company Expedia Group, the carb-loaded sleepover experience is only available for a limited time. Still, it’s designed to help those without gluten allergies live out their bread-centered fantasy.

The experience begins as soon as your check-in for your stay where you’ll check-in and immediately be given a sweet snack (so much for that New Years’ resolution of cutting carbs). If you were hoping that the room wouldn’t just look like bread but smell like it, too, brace yourself. Are you sitting down? The room is scented with a fresh bakery smell that is probably making you wish you could smell things through the computer right about now.

While snacks abound in the bread hotel room (there’s an entire doughnut wall), the card-loading isn’t just for your gut. The room’s decor is also meant to place you in a doughy dreamscape. The bed’s headboard (and yes, they call it a “breadboard”) is designed to resemble a slice of classic white bread. Atop the loaf-covered comforter, guests will find everything from waffle to croissant shaped pillows.


Perhaps the best part, though, is that you get to take a bit of the Refinery Hotel’s Bread & Breakfast home. The room comes with a complimentary robe that has “Carbivore” emblazoned on the back as well as a pair of cozy slippers that just so happen to look like croissants.

While the Bread & Breakfast is, unfortunately, all booked up, you can still use the Hotels.com designed space to assuage your feelings of being a little too carb obsessed. Turns out, you’re not alone.

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