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Does Wearing a Watch Make You More Productive?

A man wearing a suit looks at his watch.

Learning simple tricks that give you a productivity boost throughout the day can be fun and rewarding. Sometimes productivity hacks that work for one person won’t for another, and half the fun is figuring out what works best for you.

For example… wearing watches. Could wearing a watch make you more productive? Potentially, yes!

Keep in mind that there is no concrete scientific evidence to support the idea that wearing a watch makes you more productive. That being said, it seems to work wonders for some people and might be worth a shot.

A streamlined watch can eliminate time-consuming distractions that come with a smartwatch, saving you from constantly checking your notifications. By simply glancing at your wrist for the time, you won’t be tempted to also get sucked into social media or get caught up in emails, texts, and calls.

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There is also evidence that suggests getting dressed and ready for the day positively impacts productivity. If wearing a watch is part of your “fully dressed” routine, then donning your favorite wristwatch can trigger your brain into adopting a more productive mindset for the day.

While there aren’t any guarantees that wearing a watch will instantly make you more productive, it may be a hack worth trying. Sometimes, all it takes is small changes to lead to big results.

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