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Why You Should Boil Lemon Juice in Your Kettle

A lemon is placed into an electric kettle with boiling water.

Many people like a slice of lemon with their tea, but you might not have ever thought about squeezing one into your kettle while the water is boiling. But, maybe it’s time you give it a try.

Boiling lemon juice in your kettle can help to descale it and keep your water for tea and coffee tasting best.

Even though your kettle is just getting filled with water each day, minerals eventually can start to build up. This is called kettle furring—it sounds gross because it is. If you use your kettle regularly, it’s important to descale it. Thankfully, figuring out how to descale a kettle process is as simple as juicing a lemon.

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Keep your kettle clean with a little bit of citrus.

Mix a 1:1 ratio of lemon juice (fresh or bottled) and water in your kettle. Bring the mixture to a boil, turn off the kettle, and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. Unplug the kettle if necessary, then scrub the inside with a non-abrasive sponge or soft-bristled brush. You should see many of the minerals and particles wipe away cleanly thanks to the acidity of the lemon juice.

Take the time to clean the outside of your kettle while you’re at it, to ensure no bacteria is growing. Rinse it out a few times to ensure all mineral particles are gone. Then, your kettle should be good to go for another few months!

If you use a kettle every day, you might have to clean it more often. Just pay attention to the build-up and find a schedule that works for you.

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