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When Is Snake Season?

A garter snake is outside of a home on gravel.
Alexander Gold/Shutterstock.com

When the weather starts warming up, many of us look forward to spending time outdoors in our gardens, by the pool, or at backyard barbecues. Unfortunately, along with the warm weather and enjoyable outdoor activities comes the arrival of snake season.

Yes, that’s right, there is a snake season and it’s happening now in warmer states of the country. Snakes like the warm weather just as much as you do.

Typically, snake season begins in March and April in warmer states and can continue through fall and early winter. So basically, we’ve got a long time to go before snake season is over.

But don’t worry, there are ways to keep these slithery creatures away from your home and yard.

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One simple way to keep snakes away is to keep your yard tidy. Snakes like to hide in tall grass, piles of leaves, and debris, so make sure to keep your lawn mowed and remove any excess clutter. This will remove any invitation for snakes to find a cozy nesting place.

Another way to deter snakes is to use snake repellent, which can be found at most hardware stores or online. Many snake repellents use natural ingredients that snakes hate, such as cinnamon oil or clove oil.

You can also make your yard less attractive to snakes by getting rid of their food sources. This begins by getting rid of rodents. So if you want to enjoy your summer to the maximum, start by reducing the pests.

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