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Yes, There’s a Best Day to Buy Produce

A woman places produce into a produce bag.
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Some people like to go grocery shopping on a specific day of the week. Maybe it’s convenient, maybe it’s just a comfortable routine. But, do you ever get frustrated by the less-than-stellar produce options on your typical shopping day?

As it turns out, there’s an ideal day to buy produce, no matter where you are—Wednesday.

Wednesday is arguably the best day to go grocery shopping for a variety of reasons. Most stores get new produce delivered on Tuesdays. While it doesn’t apply to every store in the country since they all make their own schedules, it’s pretty common for grocers to stick with the early week delivery.

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By the time the produce is unloaded and stocked, everything should be out and ready for you to grab by Wednesday afternoon.

Not convinced? Try switching up your grocery store routine and head to your local shopping spot on a Wednesday to peruse the produce. If it looks fresher and everything looks “fuller”, you can be pretty confident your store just got a fresh shipment.

As a bonus, Wednesday is often the best day to get good deals. Some stores change their ads on Wednesdays or Thursdays, so you can get the best prices for your favorite items without having to worry about the store being overcrowded and congested. Save that for the weekend shoppers.

So, if you’re tired of wilted lettuce and limited options in your store’s produce section, consider shopping on a Wednesday to see if it makes a difference in the selection.

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