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This Comfy Office Chair Is Going Viral For One Reason

A woman sits criss cross in an office chair.

When you think of the comforts of home, you probably think about your bed or the really nice cozy throw blanket draped over your couch. But for those that work from home or have a side hustle that runs out of their home, the home office is a place where comfort is just as important. A viral office chair is garnering attention for one simple, cozy reason.

The Emiah Armless Office Desk Chair has gone viral because it’s wide enough to sit criss-cross. Yes, that’s the only reason, but it’s a really good reason.

The chair’s rise to internet fame appears to have begun on TikTok, but it’s hard to track down exactly who posted it first. Now, though, videos showcasing the office accessory have taken off with some amassing as many as a million views. It’s all because you can sit crisscross comfortably.

EMIAH Armless Office Desk Chair

Sit back, relax, and sit crisscross.

The Emiah chair features an extra wide seat that allows people of many sizes to cross their legs as they work. Thanks to its armless design, it’s also more size-inclusive as larger bodies won’t have to worry about their thighs slamming into the sides. Plus, its weight capacity goes up to 300 pounds, and it has a large base that helps prevent tipping over.


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♬ If We Ever Broke Up - Mae Stephens

The padded seat is also comfortable and curved for support, and it’s waterproof, easy to clean, and comes in a neutral creamy white shade that matches a variety of office decor. While it doesn’t feature a wheeled bottom, it does have rubber pads to prevent floor damage, can be adjusted to different heights, and yes, it swivels.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new office chair and are looking for something comfortable that allows you to sit crisscross and works for different body types, this viral Amazon office chair is it.

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