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This Hack Keeps Mosquitos Away and Your Porch Smelling Great

A girl scratches at her leg as mosquitos fly past.
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Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and…the mosquitos are back. If there’s one drawback to warm weather, it’s the influx of insects that tends to come around each year, including pesky mosquitos.

You might not have a problem with these blood-sucking pests as long as you stay inside, but what can you do to keep mosquitos away from your porch when you want to spend time outside? Try lavender!

Lavender is a popular home fragrance for many reasons. It promotes tranquility, can help to reduce stress, and can even promote better sleep. That’s why it’s common to see it in soaps, candles, and sprays. But, using fresh lavender or lavender essential oil on your porch will also help to keep mosquitos away.

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While we might fight the light scent of lavender pleasant, mosquitos don’t. Its strong odor overwhelms their sense of smell and causes them to stay away.

By growing lavender around your home, you can keep mosquitos from ruining your time outside. It’s an easy plant to take care of and will make your porch smell great every time you step outside. If you do decide to grow it, though, keep it away from dogs and cats—it’s toxic to them!

Of course, if you don’t want to grow lavender yourself, you can always use a few drops of essential oil to get the same effect.

Keeping lavender around isn’t just a great mosquito repellent. You’re also likely to see fewer flies, ants, and even rodents throughout the spring and summer.

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