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Why You Should Cook a Lemon in Your Instant Pot

An Instant Pot pressure cooker sits on a countertop.
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Are you sick of your Instant Pot constantly smelling like last night’s dinner? This handy kitchen appliance certainly cooks some amazing food, but it can be a pain to rid it of food smells…unless you’ve got a lemon.

Cooking a lemon in your Instant Pot or another pressure cooker can eliminate smells.

That’s right, a simple lemon can work wonders in getting rid of those pesky smells in your beloved kitchen appliance. Cooking a lemon in your Instant Pot or pressure cooker helps to eliminate odors and keep the tool clean.

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So how do you cook a lemon in the Instant Pot?

First, cut your lemon into thin slices and place them in your Instant Pot along with a little bit of water and vinegar. Second, seal the lid and set the pressure cooker to steam for a few minutes. When it’s all done, release the pressure manually (and watch your fingers) and let the lemony steam work its magic.

Of course, a pressure cooker isn’t the only thing a lemon can clean. You’d be shocked at their versatility. You can clean your oven, your microwave, and even your dishwasher with one!

Always remember that cleaning your pressure cooker doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need are some quick cleaning hacks to keep it smelling fresh.

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