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Yes, There’s a Correct Way to Vacuum

A person vacuums carpet.
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Vacuuming is a task that many of us do regularly without a second thought. We grab our vacuum, plug it in, and go to town on our carpets and rugs to get them looking clean.

But did you know that there’s actually a correct way to vacuum? Yes, that’s right, it’s not just randomly running the machine over the carpet a few times and calling it a day.

Mastering the correct way to vacuum is all about the direction you vacuum. You always want to begin vacuuming in one direction—following the same direction as the pile of carpet. This will help remove even more dirt and keep your carpets lasting longer.

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When you vacuum following the pile of your carpet, this loosens and lifts any dirt and debris trapped deep in the fibers. Once you’ve done this, go back over the same area again, but this time, vacuum across the direction of the pile.

When you take a second pass in a different direction, you catch any remaining dirt and leave your carpet looking spotless.

Not only does vacuuming correctly make your carpet look and smell better, but it can also help your carpet last longer. By removing all of the dirt and debris, you’re preventing it from wearing down into fibers of the carpet and causing it to lose its color or quality over time.

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