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Do All Bees Sting?

Two bees land on a flower.
MERCURY studio/Shutterstock.com

Summer is just around the corner. While that means the return of warm weather, it also means the return of countless insects—including bees! We all know bees are great pollinators, and it’s important to protect their population, but no one likes to risk getting stung.

But, do all bees sting? Surprisingly, no!

Actually, your chances of getting stung by a bee are pretty low because fewer of them actually sting than you might think. For instance, male bees can’t sting you at all.

You might not take the time to try to identify a bee as it’s buzzing around you. But, male bees are often slower and larger. So, you only have to worry about female bees when it comes to stinging. That’s because the stinger is nothing more than an egg-laying device.

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However, that doesn’t mean you need to fear female bees. While they might be the defenders, not all species of bees can sting, and beyond that, they don’t want to.

Typically, bees will only sting when they’re trying to defend their nest or themselves. If they feel like you’re a threat, they’re more likely to sting you. But, you don’t need to be afraid if you’re just trying to enjoy some time outdoors and see a bee or two buzzing around.

The best thing you can do the next time you see a bee is to leave it alone—especially if it’s a honeybee. But, even if it gets close, don’t panic. There’s a good chance it can’t (or won’t) sting you!

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