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This Dog Toy Is Going Viral for Pups’ Hilarious Reactions

A woman plays with her dog at home

We all love to make our dogs happy, and often, doing so makes us happy. Well, a dog toy on TikTok is going viral for dogs’ hilarious reactions to it, and don’t we all need a laugh? And don’t our dogs all deserve a new toy?

Content creator @camperthegolden showcased a moving crab toy on TikTok, and to say Camper the Golden Retriever enjoyed it would be an understatement.

The toy in question is the Yeaye Crawling Crab Baby Toy, and yes, technically, it’s not meant for dogs. But let’s be honest, dogs will play with paper towel rolls and old flip-flops, so they’re not super picky. Essentially, the content creator sets the toy down on the floor, and because it’s an interactive and mobile toy for kids, Camper loves it—kind of.


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Throughout the short video, Camper pursues the walking crab as it bounces off walls and carpet to keep crawling around on the floor, and the entertainment is endless. At one point, Camper even enlists a cat friend to help but to no avail.

Yeaye Crawling Crab Baby Toy Gifts

Sure it's a baby toy, but isn't your dog your baby?

If you want to get the toy for your dog, you can snag it on Amazon for under $20 and in a variety of colors. It’s rechargeable, so you can keep using it over and over again, and as you can see in the video, it’ll avoid obstacles to keep crawling.

The only caveat? Since it’s not a toy meant specifically for dogs, never leave your pet unattended with it, and if they do attempt to attack it (unlike Camper), it might be best to take it away so they don’t break the toy and inadvertently swallow a piece.

But if you’re looking for a clever way to entertain your dog, this toy might be it.

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