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What Is An Aperol Spritz and Why’s Everyone Drinking Them?

A group of people toast with glasses of aperol spritz.

If you’re on the hunt for a tasty cocktail that offers the perfect blend of refreshing fizz and citrusy sweetness, you may want to hop on this beverage trend: the Aperol Spritz.

It’s no surprise that this Italian concoction has become a worldwide phenomenon… but what is an Aperol Spritz exactly? What makes it so good?

The Aperol Spritz is made with—you guessed it, Aperol. This is a bright orange Italian bitter and it’s commonly mixed with bubbly Prosecco, soda water, and a splash of orange. The result is a deliciously light and refreshing drink that is perfect for sipping on the beach, at a barbecue, or lounging around with friends.

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But why has this particular cocktail become so popular? Some say it’s because of its Instagrammable appearance. The vibrant orange looks stunning against any backdrop and makes everyone ask, “What are you drinking?”

Others attribute the drink’s popularity to the fact that it really is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. This makes it appealing to a wide variety of palates.

Regardless of the reason, there’s no denying that the Aperol Spritz has become a must-have drink for the summer season. It’s a simple and delicious way to add a touch of sophistication to any gathering, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

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