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Does Celery Salt Actually Taste Like Celery?

Celery salt pours out of a glass container.
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Celery salt is a popular seasoning that is commonly used in a lot of tasty dishes, such as salads, soups, and even cocktails. As the name suggests, this spice mix is made by grinding celery seeds (not stalks) and mixing them with salt.

But does celery salt actually taste like celery? The answer is yes… and no.

While celery salt is made from celery seeds, it does not necessarily taste like fresh celery. Celery seeds have a unique flavor that is distinct from the taste of celery stalks. They have a slightly bitter, earthy, and nutty taste, with a hint of spice. When mixed with salt, the flavor becomes more muted.

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In terms of taste, celery salt is more similar to other spices such as cumin or fennel than it is to fresh celery. It can still provide a subtle celery hint to a dish, especially when used in smaller quantities, but the primary role of celery salt is to enhance the overall flavor of a dish, not provide a dominant celery taste.

So, if you want your recipes to taste like celery, add celery. If you want a hint of freshness with some deeper spice to it, celery salt can be a great option.

The unique flavor profile of celery salt can add an irresistible depth and complexity to your recipes. Try experimenting with this delicious seasoning in your summer meals to discover its many culinary possibilities.

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