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What Is the SIMPLE Organization Method?

A woman organizes clothing in plastic bins.
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Have you ever looked around your home and felt overwhelmed by clutter? Maybe you made an attempt at cleaning it up… only to end up in a bigger, more overwhelming mess. Take a breather and know you’re not alone.

The SIMPLE organization method could be the solution you need. SIMPLE stands for Sort, Identify, Make a Home, Put it in containers, Label it, and Establish a routine. It could be your ticket to a simpler, cleaner, more enjoyable home.

Step one is to sort like with like. Begin by sorting items into categories based on their similarities. For example, gather all of your books in one pile, all of your clothing in another pile, and all of your mail in another pile.

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Now you’re ready to identify what to keep (be brutally honest with yourself and get rid of the things you don’t need or use), then make a home for all those items. Assign everything you keep to a specific home, making it easier to find, use, and put away in the future.

Next, put it in containers. This is where you organize with baskets, bins, or drawers to keep things tidy and maximize your storage space. Make sure you label it so you know what goes in each container.

Lastly, establish a routine to help maintain your newly organized space. You’ll be surprised at how tidy you can keep your space!

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