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Can You Clean Too Much?

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Cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic living space. However, before you get carried away with stain removals and clothes washing, make sure you’re not over cleaning your home.

While cleaning in general is nothing to worry about, be mindful of how often you clean certain items and avoid excessive scrubbing, wiping, or chemicals. Cleaning too much or with roughness can cause more damage than good.

For example, carpets and upholstery should be deep cleaned in moderation to prevent damage to the fibers. Other items you should be careful not to over-clean are wood furniture and floors, electronic devices, and clothing.

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For your couches and carpets, over-cleaning might mean roughly scrubbing against stains, which can cause fading or discoloration. It’s best to follow manufacturer care instructions and only use appropriate cleaning products. This will help your carpets and upholstery stay in shape as long as possible.

When cleaning wood furniture and floors, use wood-safe cleaning products and avoid using too much water on your mop or cloth, otherwise, you may damage the wood.

For cleaning electronic devices like computers or smartphones, make sure you use a gentle microfiber cloth so you don’t scratch them. And stay away from cleaners like vinegar which could damage your screen.

Lastly, avoid over-washing your clothes. This can lead them to fade, wear thin, or shrink prematurely. Carefully follow the care instructions on clothing labels and only wash when necessary to avoid damaging your clothes.

While you shouldn’t be afraid of keeping your space and belongings clean, be sure to follow care instructions so you don’t end up doing more damage than good.

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