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This Is the Best Place to Install a Security Camera

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Having a home security system in place is a great way to keep your family safe. You might think installing cameras around the sides and back of your house, or near the windows is the way to go. But, you might be surprised to know the best place to install a security camera.

You should be installing security cameras by the front door first.

The front door is the best place to install a camera for a few reasons. First, while you might think those attempting to break in would try side doors and windows, it’s actually the place most would-be criminals will use first. The idea that people try to break in by climbing in a window or sneaking around the back isn’t always true.

Having a camera in place by the front door will give you a clearer view of who’s out there and what they’re doing.

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You’ll also be more aware of who is coming and going, including delivery drivers, babysitters, family members, and friends. Having a security camera at the front door gives you a clear picture of almost all of the activity going on at the front of your home.

Speaking of delivery drivers, package theft is a huge problem. Most people who work for Amazon, UPS, or FedEx end up leaving packages at the front door. If you’ve been a victim of package theft more than once, having a camera by your front door will allow you to see who is swiping your stuff.

If you’re investing in a home security system, it’s a good idea to have cameras in several spots. But, if you’re only able to hang one in one place, the front door is the best way to keep your eyes on your property.

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