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The 10 Travel Essentials You Never Knew You Needed


Traveling is always a thrilling adventure. On the flip side of that adventure can be a lot of unexpected, inconvenient unknowns. This is especially the case if you aren’t properly prepared or don’t stock up on travel essentials.

While many people only focus on packing things like clothes, toiletries, and snacks — all of which are important — several travel accessories can make your trips more comfortable. Let’s explore 10 travel essentials that will enhance all your traveling experiences.

Packing Cubes

Model displays how to fit packing cubes in to a suitcase.

One of the biggest travel challenges is packing efficiently and keeping your belongings organized in your suitcase as you go from place to place. That’s where packing cubes come in.

These small, lightweight organizers help keep your clothing and accessories separate and easy to find. You can use different cubes for different types of items, such as socks, underwear, shorts, and shirts.

Packing cubes are especially helpful if you’re staying in multiple hotels or traveling between different destinations since all our items are easy to access.

BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes

Bring all your favorite items and keep your suitcase organized at the same time.

Door Alarm

Travel safety should stay high on your priority list no matter where you go. A travel door alarm is an essential device to bring on vacations and business trips.

First, it provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind. By attaching the portable door alarm to the door of your hotel room or accommodation, you’ll be alerted to any unauthorized entry attempts. This added security measure can help prevent potential theft or intrusions.

Additionally, the compact size and ease of use make travel door alarms convenient to carry and set up. A feature is a loud alarm that can deter intruders and notify you or neighboring guests of any danger. Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, this serves as a valuable safeguard.

EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm with 120DB Siren Door Stop for Home & Travel

Sleep well and rest easy no matter where you're traveling with these door alarms.

Folding Hangers


Travel-sized folding hangers provide a convenient solution for keeping your clothes organized and wrinkle-free no matter where you go… even when you go to places where they don’t offer hangers.

These compact hangers easily fold down, allowing you to pack them without taking up much space or weight in your luggage. No more rummaging through your suitcase to find what you need or settling for wrinkly clothes when you can keep everything organized on your trips and vacations.

Whether you’re on a business trip, attending special events, or simply want to stay organized during your travels, these folding hangers offer convenience and efficiency for keeping your clothes neat.

24 Pcs Travel Hangers

Stop settling for wrinkly clothes or last-minute ironing on vacation when these foldable hangers are a click away.

Reusable Food Bags

Reusable food bags can greatly enhance your travels by offering convenience, sustainability, and practicality. They allow you to pack and carry snacks and sandwiches without the need for disposable plastics or taking up too much space.

You can reduce waste, minimize your environmental footprint, and keep your body nourished while on the go. Moreover, these bags are designed to be leak-proof and airtight, keeping your snacks fresh and preventing spills or messes in your bag.

Reusable Storage Bags

No matter where on the globe you go, you can keep your favorite snacks nearby.

Compression Socks

Model shows black Copper Fit socks.
Copper Fit

Long flights or car rides can lead to some foot, ankle, and leg swelling, as well as overall discomfort. A quality pair of socks can help keep you more comfortable. Compression socks provide extra, gentle pressure to your legs, promoting healthy blood flow and preventing excess stiffness.

These socks keep your whole foot, ankle, and calf compressed for extra comfort. Their classic black and white colors will fit in perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.

Copper Fit Unisex-Adult's 2.0 Easy-Off Knee High Compression Socks

Keep your feet comfortable for hours with these socks.

Universal Adapter

Outlets aren’t created equal all across the globe. If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll likely need a universal adapter if you want to charge your electronic devices.

Universal adapters come in a variety of configurations, allowing you to use your American plugs in other countries. Some even have built-in USB ports, so you can charge multiple devices at once.

Before you take a trip, it’s worth doing a little research to see what type of adapters they use so you know you’ll get a charge.

Travel Adapter, Universal All in One Worldwide

No matter where you go, you can guarantee you'll get a charge.

Reusable Water Bottle

Model pulls a lavender Hydro Flask bottle from a bag.
Hydro Flask

Staying hydrated is important all the time, especially while traveling. There’s something about a journey across states or countries that leaves you absolutely parched. Don’t get stuck thirsty.

A reusable water bottle is not only eco-friendly, but it can also save you money by allowing you to refill at water fountains instead of purchasing bottled water. Choose something durable and sturdy so it stands up to the rough and tumble of travel life.

Keep in mind that if you’re traveling through an airport, you want to arrive with an empty water bottle so TSA doesn’t snag it. Remember: liquids are limited. Once you get through security, feel free to fill it up at a water fountain.

Travel-Sized Laundry Detergent

If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, you may need to do laundry while out on the open road. Travel-sized laundry detergent makes it easy to wash your clothes in a sink, bathtub, or laundromat wherever you end up.

Keep in mind that these detergents can be more concentrated than your average detergent. That means a little goes a long way. Check the instructions before dumping them in a load.

Many travel detergents are available in single-use packets, so don’t worry. You won’t be lugging around a massive container of laundry soap.

SinkSuds Laundry Detergent

Never find yourself stuck with stinky laundry when these laundry detergent packs fit in your pocket.

Travel-Sized Portable Fan

A person models the size of the JISULIFE travel fan.

How many times have you been stuck in an airplane or train waiting to get going… and it starts to get super toasty? A travel-sized portable fan is an excellent travel essential for times such as that.

It provides a refreshing breeze during any hot and humid weather. In crowded or poorly ventilated spaces, it can help circulate air and provide a sense of freshness. Additionally, it can help you on your adventures!

Whether you’re exploring bustling markets, trekking in nature, or simply waiting for transportation, a portable fan can provide instant relief from the heat. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your bag or even attach it to a backpack.

JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan

Cool off and stay comfortable in every climate.

Luggage Scale

Many airlines have strict weight and size limits for checked or carry-on luggage. To avoid extra fees, it’s worthwhile to weigh your bags before heading to the airport. A luggage scale can end up saving you money.

Most luggage scales are small, portable devices that allow you to quickly and easily weigh your bags by clipping your bag on and lifting it up. Make sure to weigh your bag a couple of times to ensure you get an accurate weight.

Victuna Luggage Scale

Always know exactly what your luggage weighs with this easy-to-use scale.

These travel essentials may not be on everyone’s packing list, but they are certainly worth considering and adding to yours. Including practical items that are easy to pack and bring along can transform your traveling experience, adding efficiency and convenience wherever you go. Happy travels!

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