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Save Money By Combining Your Caffeine and Snack Needs

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Your post-lunch, afternoon lunch has come around, and you need caffeine and a snack badly. You might be inclined to run a coffee shop or a convenience store to get both. But to save money, what if you could combine your caffeine and snack needs into one?

Enter Verb Energy Bars. These handy little bars are both great snacks, and yes, they have caffeine.

Here’s the thing with your afternoon coffee shop run—it costs a lot of money over time. If you’re dropping $12-$15 every other day, you’ve easily dropping up to $45 a week just on snacks and caffeine. If you can combine those two things into a handy and affordable snack bar like Verb, you’re going to save yourself time, money, and the trouble of hitting the store.

Verb Energy Bars

Get a snack and a jolt all in one!

Verb’s snack bars use green tea to give you the caffeine you need to make it through the afternoon without going overboard. On average, each bar has about 80mg of caffeine, a bit less than a standard cup of coffee, so you shouldn’t have issues with jitters or sleep when night rolls around.

Verb Energy Bars |Starting at $28.95 | Verb

In addition to that much-needed afternoon caffeine, the bar is, well, a bar so it’s a built-in snack, too, and there are plenty of flavors. You can get anything from peanut butter to cinnamon roll, or opt for a variety pack. Boxes of 16 bars retail for $28.95 meaning that your previous sugary snack and coffee costs are dramatically cut down to roughly $1.80 per bar. Not bad, right?

If you’ve been spending a bit too much money at the coffee shop down the street, snagging a hybrid caffeine and snack bar is the budget-friendly solution.

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