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Kindle Decorating Is Going Viral, and This Case Is Perfect For It

People use stickers and a clear case to decorate their Kindles.

Most people enjoy customizing their technology. From phone cases to desk aesthetics with multicolored keyboards and vibrant lighting, making tech your own is a major movement. Now, Kindle decorating is going viral on Tiktok, and there’s one case you must have if you want to jazz up your e-reader.

Readers on TikTok are using a clear Kindle case to protect their e-readers and also showcase customized artwork underneath, and it’s genius.

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Unlike things like iPhone cases, kindle covers are limited. Official ones are often singularly colored, and even though there are patterned options from other brands, it can be hard to find one that’s exactly you. To remedy this, people on TikTok are using custom blends of stickers and unique pop sockets to make their Kindles their own, and they protect both the stickers (no one wants a half-peeling mess on their e-reader) and the device with a clever, clear case.

Kindle Clear Case with Screen Protector

Protect your Kindle and show off your design.

The hashtag #kindleaesthetic has a cool 2.3 million views on TikTok, and there are all sorts of design inspirations. Content creator @brenda.trudell arranges her stickers over a faux, vintage envelope and then places the case over top, avoiding actually sticking things to the Kindle and keeping it pristine.


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Other creators like @jessabibliophile do actually sick on the stickers, but cleverly, they cover them using the clear case so that they don’t peel or wear down. Of course, if you still want to protect your Kindle, you can always add stickers to the case itself like @elainamich.

If you’re a dedicated Kindle user but can never find the perfect case, this Kindle decorating trend (and this clear case) is the way to customize your e-reader and make your reading experience even more unique—and don’t forget that viral Kindle stand for even more easy reading.

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