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Why Is Blue Cheese Called Blue Cheese?

A wedge of blue cheese sits on a wooden wheel.

Blue cheese is often a polarizing dairy product. You either love it or you hate it. And there’s no denying this unique cheese has a funky flavor and smell, but have you ever wondered why it’s actually called blue cheese?

Blue cheese’s name is all thanks to the signature streaks of mold running through it. Yum?

Yes, the blue veins in blue cheese are made up of mold, which likely explains why so many people have negative opinions about it. But, it’s not the kind of mold that will cause you any harm.

House Ur Home Cheese Board

Why not add some blue cheese to your charcuterie board?

Blue cheese is actually the result of a combination of fungus and mold. Again, that might not sound too appetizing, but as long as it hasn’t expired, it’s perfectly okay for human consumption. The mold used to give blue cheese its signature taste—Penicillium roqueforti—isn’t harmful to humans and only adds to the fragrance and flavor of the cheese.

Keep in mind that once blue cheese is exposed to oxygen, it will start to go bad quickly. It’s important to keep an eye on it for any type of mold other than the signature blue streaks. Bacteria from the rind or other items in your fridge could create harmful mold on the cheese and make it dangerous to eat.

No matter your thoughts on blue cheese and whether it’s your wing condiment of choice, you don’t have to be scared of the veins of mold running through it. Enjoy the funky flavor it provides, and make sure all of your blue cheese-hating friends know that they won’t get sick from this cheese’s delicious mold!

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