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Is a New Version of the Stanley Tumbler Taking Over?

A person holds a 30 ounce Stanley tumbler in their hand.

Maybe you didn’t know the extent of the Stanley tumbler’s viral fame, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen one out in the wild. The giant, 40-ounce Stanley cup continually sells out online and at in-store retailers like Target. But is there a new Stanley cup coming for the 40-ounce throne?

While it’s going to take a lot to knock the original off its viral throne, the Stanley Quencher 30-ounce might just be on its way up the viral water bottle ladder.

So what makes the 30-ounce better than the original? According to reviewers, it’s the size. The Stanley tumblers are stainless steel and while not heavy on their own, when filled with water, they become pretty cumbersome—just think about hauling around 40 ounces of water in stainless steel. That’s why people are turning to the 30-ounce Stanley Quencher.

Like its larger counterpart, the 30-ounce Stanley cup is stainless steel and dishwasher safe. It’s also designed with the exact same ergonomic handle, lid and straw, and tapered bottom that allows it to fit into a cup holder. The tumbler keeps ice-cold drinks cold for up to 40 hours and hot drinks warm for up to five hours. Yes, it comes in multiple colors like vibrant coral and jade green.

If you’ve been wanting a Stanley Tumbler but didn’t want to lug around a water bottle the size of your face, the 30-ounce iteration might be the answer to your on-trend prayers.

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