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This Popular Grocery Shopping Advice Could Cost You More Money

A woman shops in the produce section of a grocery store.

When it comes to grocery shopping hacks, one of the most popular ones is shopping the perimeter of the store for healthy foods. It makes sense. That’s where you’ll typically find fresh produce and meats.

But, is it really that much better, or are you paying too much for “healthy” foods that you could get cheaper if you did a little digging in the aisles?

Perishable foods like meat, dairy, fish, and vegetables are often stored along the edges of the grocery store so they attract more people. They need to be purchased and restocked quickly so they don’t go bad, so grocers go to great lengths to “market” these items.

Most people believe they’re the healthiest items in the store. Unfortunately, they’re also often the most expensive, and people are willing to pay because they think they’re doing something good for themselves.

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In reality, the center aisles can be just as beneficial—at a fraction of the cost.

Things like canned fish, vegetables, soups, and whole-grain pasta can all be found in the middle of your average grocery store. Pound for pound, these items are just as nutritionally-dense as the fresh selections on the store’s perimeter. Even better? They’re a fraction of the price.

While buying fresh produce, meats, and low-fat dairy is important, don’t believe you can’t get healthy food in the aisles. Get the most out of your shopping experience and keep your bank account happy by exploring the center aisles and perimeter.

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