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Can You Get Caffeine From Food?

A card with the chemical structure of caffeine sits surrounded by coffee beans.
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When you need a caffeine boost, your brain probably turns to coffee or an energy drink. They’re some of the biggest sources of caffeine, but could you also get your energy needs met by eating caffeine? As it turns out, some foods do contain it, and some are specifically made to include it.

You can eat caffeine, but the way it works within your body changes a bit.

When you drink caffeine, it’s typically absorbed within 45 minutes and will peak in effectiveness between 15 minutes and two hours of consumption. The liquid is taken in by your gut and dissolves into fat and water molecules where it crosses into the brain. But caffeine in food acts a little differently.

Verb Energy Bars

Want to try eating your caffeine for a longer release?

Essentially, your body has to break down the food before it can absorb the caffeine, but this isn’t a bad thing depending on your goals. Essentially, the effects of caffeine could, in fact, last longer in food form. Because your body has to break down food, it prolongs the amount of time the caffeine is in your system. While you won’t get the boom of a quick jolt, you could get a prolonged release of energy, and you might even be able to avoid the caffeine crash.

As for what to eat to get your caffeine, some sources of caffeine include chocolate—particularly dark chocolate—gums made with caffeine, and energy bars, like Verb bars, made with caffeine. Plus, these snacks allow you to combine both your need for caffeine and your need for a snack all in one convenient package.

Whether you deal with caffeine crashes or just maybe want to take a break from drinking coffee, you can, indeed, eat your caffeine.

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