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The Viral Scrub Daddy Now Comes in a Mop

A woman holds up a scrub daddy mop, a scrub daddy mop is squeezed together over a bucket.
Scrub Daddy/Vanesa Amaro/TikTok

Even if you’re not a #CleanTok viewer, there’s still a good chance you know what the Scrub Daddy sponge is. The smiley face-shaped cleaning tool has gone massively viral and led to people using everything from the sponge itself to Scrub Daddy-branded cleaners. Now, there’s a new iteration of Scrub Daddy—the Mop Daddy.

That’s right. A Scrub Daddy mop is officially on the market, and it takes all of the best things about the sponge and parlays them into a mop.

Scrub Daddy Butterfly Mop

You can now live in a fully Scrub Daddy-cleaned house.

The mop has already gone viral on TikTok thanks to Vanesa Amaro, a housekeeper and content creator who is basically the queen of cleaning. Her video on the cleaning tool has already amassed a cool 2.6 million likes.


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♬ sonido original - Vanesa Amaro ♥️

There are two big selling points to the mop. First, if you’ve ever used a Scrub Daddy or Scrub Mommy, the new Mop Daddy appears to combine them both in the design of the mop’s head. In the center of the head, you get a gentle but still abrasive surface, and on either side of it, there’s the classic scrubbing sponge. The mop can buff away stuck-on debris but also reabsorbs water.

Then, there’s how you clean the mop itself. While you have to purchase replacement pads and cleaning solution with brands like Swiffer, the Scrub Daddy mop head can be tossed into the dishwasher and reused over and over again!

You simply mop with your solution of choice, and then, when done, you can toss the detachable sponge head into the dishwasher with a load of other sponges, and you’ve got a perfectly clean mop.

If you already know you’re a fan of the Scrub Daddy, this latest addition to the brand’s line-up is going to complete your cleaning supply closet.

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