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Should You Be Applying Deodorant at Night?

A person applies deodorant to their armpit.

When it comes to personal hygiene, always remember that it should be exactly that: personal. But there may be some tips and strategies you can learn from others to help enhance your routine. When to apply your deodorant might be one of them.

Should you apply deodorant at night? If you’re the kind of person who applies their deodorant in the morning, it may be worth reconsidering the timing of your application.

Some people find that applying your deodorant at night is the secret to effective, long-lasting freshness. Keep in mind that this trick is only relevant for deodorants that work as antiperspirants. It’s also most effective for people who have a morning shower routine.

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The rationale behind applying your antiperspirant before bed is that it allows the product more time to work its magic. During the night as we sleep, our bodies are less active, meaning there’s less sweat to delay or inhibit the product absorption process.

Remember that antiperspirant works best on dry skin. This means that you don’t want to apply it immediately after a shower or it won’t absorb as well into the skin. If you use an antiperspirant at night, it gives the ingredients in your product enough time to fully absorb before your shower in the morning. Don’t worry about washing it off, either, because most antiperspirant lasts up to 24 hours.

If you want to nip body odor and sweat in the bud, you might want to try applying your deodorant at night.

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