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Why Is Everyone Using Blates? Plus Where to Get Them

Two people eat out of blates, and blates are displayed on shelving.
Mora Ceramics

Bowl-based meals are inherently cozy. From warm grain bowls to soups to pasta, there’s just something comforting about a big bowl in front of your face come dinnertime. But not all meals are made for bowls—that might be why everyone seems to be using blates.

Blates are bowl and plate hybrids, and they combine the coziness of a bowl with the practicality of a plate without compromising on those comfy vibes.

But how did this trend even get started? That’s a bit hard to track down, but TikTok does seem to be driving this dining trend. Content creator @rebjansmi has gone viral thanks to people using her praise of blates as trending sounds in their own blate videos.

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In her original post, @rebjansmi says, “In the end, we’re all just women who want to find bowls that sort of look like plates that are sort of like bowls.” Now, her voice has become a trending sound others are using over their praise of blates.


real #fyp #platebowl #bowlplate

♬ original sound - Becky

So the blate trend’s origins appear to be TikTok, but the why of their ascension to dinnerware fame is a little less clear. But chalking it up to a blend of functionality and aesthetics seems to be the best bet.

Blates—which you might also see referred to as pasta bowls—obviously work for dishes like pasta, but thanks to their raised edges, they’re also ideal for meals with sauces or multiple components. You won’t have food or said sauce spilled over the sides. Then, there’s the fact that they cut down on storage space. You won’t need to buy both bowls and plates. You can…just buy blates.

Of course, never underestimate the power of coziness. The blates give you all the comfort of a bowl meal no matter what you’re eating.

So if you also see the appeal of blates, it might be time to add some new dinnerware to your table.

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