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Why You Should Steal Grandma’s Denture Tablets

A person puts a denture tablet into a glass with dentures.
Christine von Diepenbroek/Shutterstock.com

So maybe you don’t have dentures, so you don’t need denture-cleaning tablets, right? Well, you might want to consider picking some up (or stealing grandma’s) because they’re actually great for cleaning.

You can use denture tablets to clean everything from coffee pots to water bottles.

Obviously, denture tablets are meant to clean. Most people just assume they’re only meant to clean dentures, but that’s not completely true. Sure, it’s their main purpose, but think about what dentures are typically made of—porcelain and acrylic resin—so the tablets have to clean but not corrode or stain. So some of their main ingredients are also common household cleaners like sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda), sodium sulfate (salt), and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate which is a surfactant.

Now, there are some rules about using dentures to clean. Don’t just start dissolving them and cleaning your countertops or floors. They’re not good for porous surfaces, uncoated metals (so watch it around your sinks), and fabrics.

But when it comes to what you can clean, it’s fantastic for dissolving stains hard water and mineral buildup in coffee pots, getting rid of coffee stains in mugs, and getting stains out of plastic food containers. Essentially, for all these items, you’ll simply dissolve the tablet into your item, allow it to soak, and then clean it out. Not bad, right?

If you’ve been looking for easy cleaning shortcuts to make your life just a bit easier, a pack of dentures might belong in your cleaning supplies.

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