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The Products You Need to Learn How to Start Baking

Whisk next to a bowl of whipped cream/KitchenAid stand mixer next to a display of cupcakes/Measuring spoons
Plateau ELK/KitchenAid/SpringChef

Have you always wanted to be a better baker? Do you drool over danishes and crave croissants whenever you see them in the bakery window? The great thing about baking is that it’s a science. Anyone can do it with a little bit of practice, passion, and the right tools.

Speaking of those tools, though, if you’ve wondered how to start baking, you’re going to them. So, let’s cover some of the best baking products you should have in your kitchen as a beginner baker.

A Digital Scale

Digital kitchen scale weighing a measuring cup and eggs
Greater Goods

If you don’t purchase anything else on this list, at least consider investing in a digital scale. When you measure ingredients, it’s much better to do it by weight than volume. You’ll be more accurate with your recipes since volume measurements can lead to varying results.

Think about scooping flour into a measuring cup. You might pack it in a little too much or overfill the cup. That can change the entire trajectory of your recipe. When you measure by weight with a scale, you won’t have that problem.

Greater Goods Food Scale

A slim kitchen scale that can be tucked into drawers when not in use.

An Arsenal of Pans

Assorted baking pans

You don’t need to break the bank by buying every baking pan available. But, consider the things you really want to make. You’ll need a special pan for muffins, bread, cookies, and cakes. Over time, you’re likely to build up a collection of pans as you continue on your baking journey.

For now, choose two or three specialized pans based on your baking desires, and you’ll be more likely to hone your skills and focus on perfecting your recipes for bringing another pan into your arsenal.

Be sure to do your research on different types of bakeware. Nonstick items and those made from metal or ceramic are going to be easier to work with.

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Bakeware Set

A perfect pan collection for all of your baking needs.

Measuring Spoons

Soy sauce being poured into a measuring spoon/A variety of spices in measuring spoons
Spring Chef

If you only have a small amount of an ingredient to add to a recipe, measuring spoons will be your best friend. Commonly used for things like baking soda, baking powder, and salt, measuring spoons are useful because they can allow you to add an ingredient that might not even read a gram on a digital scale.

Make life easier for yourself by investing in some magnetic measuring spoons. You can attach them to your fridge or store them neatly in a drawer, knowing they won’t separate and leave you scrambling for a spoon when you need it.

Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

Keep your kitchen organized with magnetic measuring spoons.

Electric Mixer

KitchenAid stand mixer/KitchenAid stand mixer with a display of cupcakes

Do you scroll through Instagram with KitchenAid envy? There’s no denying the famed stand mixer is the top choice for many bakers, and it will make your life a lot easier if you plan on preparing a lot of different batters and breads.

Some things are just difficult to mix by hand. Some doughs that require a lot of gluten development are next to impossible to stir together with a spoon or even knead with your fingers.

Having a high-end stand mixer is great. It will be a workhorse in your kitchen, and if you start baking regularly, you’ll use it multiple times a week. You can even get attachments for most mixers that allow you to make ice cream, sausages, or even pasta.

But, don’t discount the trusted hand mixer if you can’t afford the big guns! Hand mixers might not have as much power, but they’re great for loose batters and doughs.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

The classic KitchenAid mixer is the workhorse of any kitchen.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Stainless steel mixing bowls holding baking ingredients like eggs and butter

If you plan to not only do a lot of baking, but some cooking, as well, you’ll need a set of mixing bowls you can depend on. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to choosing bowls. Some people prefer glass while others stick with ceramic.

Your best option, however, might be a sturdy set of stainless steel bowls. They don’t absorb oil or grease so they won’t hold onto odors. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and won’t break or chip like glass or ceramic.

FineDine Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Stainless steel bowls make baking (and cooking) much easier.

A Whisk

A whisk next to a bowl of whipped cream/A whisk beating eggs
Plateau ELK

Want to mix up a meringue? Desperate for silky, lump-free lemon curd? Maybe you just want to mix your dry ingredients together effortlessly before adding them to a batter. If so, your answer is the simple, humble whisk.

A whisk is a kitchen staple, so if you don’t already have one, you’re missing out on making a lot of tasks much easier. Not only are they great for incorporating air into batters and mixing things thoroughly, but you can also use them for many cooking avenues. Fluffy eggs, anyone?

3-Pack Whisks for Cooking

For incorporating air into batters or giving everything a thorough mix, a whisk is where it's at.

A Cooling Rack

Cookies cooling on a wire rack/little girl putting cooling rack in the dishwasher
Checkered Chef

Cookie connoisseurs know the importance of a cooling rack. But, it’s not just cookies that benefit from a little airflow.

When you take cakes, pies, cookies, or even breads out of the oven and leave them in the pan, they’ll keep cooking. That pan doesn’t instantly cool off. So, you could end up with overbaked, dry products. Leaving things like cake in the pan for too long can also cause them to “stick” as they cool, and it might be harder to remove them later.

A cooling rack allows you to safely transfer your baked goods from the pan and allows for airflow all around. Things will cool faster, stay fresher, and won’t risk getting soggy.

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

Keep your cookies cool.

Pastry Brushes

Lineup of pastry brushes/Brushing egg wash on a loaf of bread

Pastry brushes might seem a little excessive for a beginner. But, they’re worth the very small investment. You’ll be surprised how often you use them, and how much of a professional touch they can give to your baked goods.

If you plan on making bread, pie, or buns, a pastry brush will help you achieve the perfect egg wash for a glistening glow. It’ll also help you spread a layer of egg on the bottom of your crusts to keep them from getting soggy.

If you want to evenly spread melted jam over a finished tart, there’s no better way to do it.

Even if you want to gently brush away a bit of excess flour from a loaf of sourdough, a pastry brush is light enough for the job. It might seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference in your final products.

4 Pieces Pastry Brushes

Give your baked goods a professional touch with a pastry brush.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or take up a lot of space in your kitchen with baking gear. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to invest.

But, if you’re just getting started and you really want to immerse yourself in this new (and delicious) hobby, it’s a good rule of thumb. to have these products in your arsenal. They will make your baking journey much easier, and you’re more likely to get better results from the start.

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