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How to Use WD-40 to Repel Wasps

A wasp sits on a wooden surface.
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People have come up with some pretty interesting WD-40 hacks over the years. While most of us recognize it as the top solution for squeaky hinges, it’s also used to keep bugs off of car grilles, remove tree sap and bird poop from cars, and so much more.

But, did you know you can use WD-40 to keep wasps away? By spraying wasps nest with the garage staple, you’ll kill wasps and keep them from coming back all season.

If you’re tired of the buzzing around your yard and you want to know how to repel wasps, this common garage staple could be the key. In fact, the process of keeping wasps away couldn’t be easier.

  1. Get rid of old wasp nests from last season. You don’t want to give them easy access to an already-built home. Of course, unless you have the proper personal protective equipment, you should probably outsource this step to a professional.
  2. Spray the locations where you took the nests down with WD-40 to keep them from rebuilding.
  3. Consider other spots that might be attractive to them. Under your gutters or eaves is a good place to start.

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A few sprays of WD-40 can help to keep your summer wasp-free.

WD-40 repels wasps in a variety of ways. First, they simply don’t like the “slipperiness” of it. It makes it hard for them to build a nest and find their footing. Then, if you spray WD-40 directly on a wasp, it will “clog” their exoskeleton, eventually causing them to suffocate and die. Spraying wasps nests with WD-40 is a quick way to kill a bunch of the pests at once.

Spraying wasps nests with WD-40 is safer than some other removal methods, like the viral gasoline option that’s become popular on TikTok. But, if you don’t have any WD-40 in the garage or shed, try something as simple as soap and water.

Mix together two tablespoons of dish soap and water in a spray bottle and spray the solution directly on a wasps nest. Like WD-40, the mixture will clog the insects’ exoskeleton and cause them to suffocate. You’ll quickly see them falling off of the nest and to the ground. If some manage to survive the fall, they can be killed quickly with a stomp! When the nest is clear, you can remove it with a cup, scraper, or gloved hands.

WD-40 is great to have around for a variety of reasons, but if you’ve never considered using it as an insect remover, now is your opportunity. Not only can you kill the existing stinging pets around your home, but with a few extra sprays, you’ll keep them from coming back this summer!

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