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How Long Can You Wait to Shower After a Workout?

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There’s nothing like a good, sweaty workout to make you feel great for the rest of the day. But, the next best thing to a great workout is taking a cool shower afterward and getting that sweat and dirt off of your body.

While it’s tempting to “hit the showers” immediately after exercising to feel refreshed, the best time to shower isn’t right after a heavy workout.

Most people know that warming up before a workout is important. It gives your muscles a chance to get loose and lets your heart rate come up slowly. When you warm up properly, you’re less likely to injure yourself. But, cooling down properly is just as important, and that’s where your shower comes in.

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If you take a shower immediately after a workout, it might feel good, but you’re not actually giving your body enough time to cool down. If you’ve ever stepped out of the shower after working out and you’re still sweating, that’s why!

So, how long should you wait?

The ideal time to shower after exercising is about 20 minutes. Your body needs at least that long to fully cool down. But, you don’t need to stand around feeling gross in a pool of sweat that entire time.

Instead, try doing some light stretching or breathing exercises. Give yourself time to lower your heart rate and let your body release more sweat, so it won’t continue to do so after you step out of the shower.

While showering right after your workout won’t necessarily cause any real harm, you’ll feel more refreshed and restored if you give yourself that bit of extra time.

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