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Why Are Some Ovens Blue Inside?

A woman opens an oven.
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Step into the heart of the kitchen where culinary marvels come alive. For some homes with specific types of ovens, you can open that oven door to capture a captivating sight: a mysterious expanse of vivid blue.

Have you ever pondered exactly why your oven is blue? The answer is super simple: because it can be (and because blue helps maintain consistent heat).

It seems that the color of an oven is up to the manufacturer and what they see as best. They can choose a variety of colors, and while black and gray are typical, sometimes they might choose to make an oven blue to help with even heat distribution.

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When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Since blue absorbs less heat than many other colors, it’s a great color choice if you’re hoping to make your oven more efficient. As a non-reflective color, it can help homeowners achieve a consistent oven temperature and cook.

Not only that, but blue ovens can help reduce glare. That means that if you want to turn on the oven light and check what you’re cooking, it’s easier to see without reflections getting in the way.

It seems that another notable reason for having a blue oven is because… well… it’s blue. That’s more fun than a boring black oven and can make your cooking time even more enjoyable.

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