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Why People Use Door Handles Instead of Door Knobs

A silver door knob is on a door.
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We often take for granted the simple act of opening a door, but there’s actually a lot of history there. Have you ever wondered why door handles have become the favored choice over their older, spherical counterparts, the door knob?

While the doorknob certainly has a long-standing history, its reign encountered a challenge as innovation continued: door handles vs. door knob.

The credit for the invention of the door knob goes to an ingenious individual named Osbourn Dorsey, who patented his creation in 1878 when he was only a teenager. But while brilliant, the knob soon lost to the handle in terms of popularity due to its ease of use.

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It all comes down to ergonomics. Door handles provide a more natural and comfortable grip, allowing for effortless operation. Whether your arms are full of groceries, you deal with disabilities, or you want to open a door with less effort, the door handle is the better option.

With their sleek and streamlined design, handles offer a seamless experience, making the act of opening doors a breeze.

Additionally, door handles offer versatility in terms of style and design. They can be found in an array of materials, shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing homeowners and designers to personalize their spaces and create a cohesive aesthetic.

While sure, door knobs are often historic and beautiful, in newer buildings and apartments, accessibility truly matters. For those with limb differences and mobility issues, the more practical applications of a door handle have made them the go-to for those looking to create equitable spaces.

From sleek and modern to vintage and ornate, door handles offer a world of options to complement any interior design scheme.

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