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Is a Long Walk or Multiple Short Walks Better For You?

A person wearing tennis shoes walks a trail.

Finding low-impact ways to maintain your health is ideal for many of us. We’ve all heard that walking is good for us. But we’re often left with the question of long walks vs. short walks… which option is healthier?

Lace-up your walking shoes because the bottom line is that both versions of walking are good for you. But when it comes to the specific health benefits of one long walk or many short walks in a day, there is a lot to consider.

To make your decision between long walks vs. short walks, it helps to clarify your fitness and health goals to determine the best walking routine for you. Long walks may be perfect for a relaxing stroll or to build endurance. Multiple short walks can help keep your blood pumping consistently throughout the day.

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Long walks offer sustained aerobic activity, benefiting cardiovascular health and stamina. A lengthy jaunt also allows for mental clarity and reflection, providing a space to unwind and reconnect with oneself.

On the other hand, multiple short walks can break up sedentary behavior, keeping you active and energized throughout the day. These shorter bursts of movement contribute to improved blood circulation, reduced stiffness, and enhanced mood.

If you simply want to get more movement in your day, feel free to implement whichever option fits your schedule and needs better. Movement is the most important consideration, so whether it’s easier for you to get one long walk or multiple short walks, either one is better than nothing.

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