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Always Forgetting Your Pills on Vacation? This Could Help

A Dosey pill organizer is open and displaying pills, and a bag of pills sits on top of a pill organizer from Dosey.

When traveling, there’s a lot to think about. Do you have your tickets or passport ready to go, did you pack enough underwear, and did you remember your chargers and toiletries? Like we said, it’s a lot. Your medications and vitamins might end up low on the priority list. But there’s something that might help.

An easy-to-use, aesthetically-please, travel-friendly pill organizer exists, and on your next vacation, it could be key to keeping you on track with your medication schedule.

Dosey’s Pill Purse with pill pouches helps you organize your medication for up to seven days (but there’s also a 14-day version for longer vacations). With the pill organization kit, you sort your medicines by day and place them into individual BPA-free pouches, and then, use the leather organizer to separate them by day.

Sure, you can toss your pill bottles into your carry-on. No one is saying you can’t. But here’s the issue. When you do that, remove them from your luggage and place them on a bathroom counter or bedside table where you’re staying, there’s that chance they’ll be left behind. With the Dosey organizer, that’s not a risk as you’re only bringing a limited supply.

Of course, we can’t avoid talking about the aesthetics of it all. The organizer comes in sleek black leather or a soft mauve pink and with a black zipper at the top, it looks like any other travel bag, keeping your medications and vitamins private while still looking great. Then, when you arrive at your destination, set your bag out where it’s easily accessible to display your daily doses.

While you need to keep in mind international and domestic rules regarding traveling with medication, the Dosey pill organizer could just help you remember to pack your medicine, keep it neat and organized, and prevent you from leaving behind a whole month’s worth of meds. Not bad for an organizer, right?

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