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Need to Take Pills On-the-Go? This TikTok Viral Organizer Can Help

Three different colors of Dosey's Wellness Wallet sit on a tan surface surrounded by pills and glasses of water.

Taking pills on the go can be a pain. Whether it’s supplements and vitamins that need to be taken at a specific time, a daily medication, or a pill that accompanies meals, no one really wants to lug around a pill organizer all the time—at least not the bulky, unfortunate-looking ones you’re used to seeing. But thankfully, there’s a viral solution.

Dosey’s Wellness Wallet went viral on TikTok, and the sleek, chic pill organizer is perfect for those who need to take medications and supplements on the go.

Dosey Wellness Wallet

Never miss a dose with this handy pill organizer.

Obviously, you can carry around a pill bottle, but let’s be honest. They take up a huge amount of space in a bag, they jingle around, and what happens if you’re out at brunch and leave them on the table? All of those problems are mitigated by the Dosey Wellness Wallet, which, well, looks like a sleek everyday wallet that comes in multiple colors—such as lavender, pink, and sage green.

Inside, there are small, BPA-free soft-touch pouches where you can store your pills. Simply slip the wallet in your bag, and you’ve got your pills at your disposal in a discreet but aesthetic pill organizer.

The wallet comes with seven pill pouches which can fit up to 30 pills, so no matter how many you need to carry with you, they’ll fit. Plus, the pouches are designed to keep your pills safe from humidity, light, and heat, so if you want to pack ahead, you can without worrying about storage.

Whether you’re a supplement taker or have medications you during the day, Dosey’s Wellness Wallet is a discreet but aesthetic way to keep them on you.

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