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There’s a Stanley Tumbler Alternative at Walmart—And It’s Half the Price

Two people hold Stanley 40 ounce tumblers in their hands, and a walmart dupe for the stanley tumbler.
Stanley/Ozark Trail

By this point, you probably know at least two people who carry around a Stanley cup. You know the ones. They’re huge, 40-ounce tumblers with a handle, large straw, and the iconic Stanley logo emblazoned at the top. They’re everywhere, but at $45 a pop, they’re costly. Enter a Walmart alternative that looks almost identical.

Walmart’s Ozark Trail 40-ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler is a dead ringer for the Stanley Tumbler, and it rings in at just $19.97—less than half the price.

Ozark Trail 40 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

Save your cash on this Stanley alternative.

Like the Stanley, the Walmart version can hold up to 40 ounces of liquid and features double-wall insulation to keep cold drinks cold for up to 25 hours and hot drinks hot for up to six hours. The stainless steel construction means it’s durable (so if you’re clumsy, you don’t need to worry about damage) and rust-proof. Plus, it promises no metallic taste.

Currently, the Ozark Trail tumbler is only available in five colors whereas the Stanley is available in at least 15 hues depending on where you shop them. But design-wise, the cups are wildly similar. Both feature tapered bottoms that allow you to place the tumbler into a car’s cup holder, and there’s a sizable handle on the side for easy grip. Plus, the lids and straws are designed to match the cups perfectly.

Of course, the one major things missing from this alternative is the Stanley logo. For those looking to truly embrace this viral product, you’ll obviously have to buy the original. Thankfully, there are several colors currently available on Amazon, and it is the OG tumbler for a reason, so you know it’s high quality at that $45 price tag.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Stanley alternative, Walmart’s Ozark Trail Tumbler might be the winner. But of course, you can always snag the real thing if you’re ready to make the investment.

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