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Can Your Clothing Attract Mosquitos?

A mosquito tries to feed though a pair of jeans.
Anastasiya Aleksandrenko/Shutterstock.com

Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening, there’s a gentle breeze, and you’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors. But then you glance down, and there’s a nasty mosquito perched on your sleeve. The moment is ruined. Have you ever wondered if your clothing choice could make you a target to those pesky bugs?

As it turns out, yes, your clothing and mosquito bites are connected.

According to research, mosquitoes are attracted to certain things, but clothing isn’t exactly one of them. Rather, it’s the color of clothing that may be snagging their attention. While color isn’t the only thing a mosquito is attracted to, it is something they notice and could be leading them closer to you.

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Dark colors like black, deep reds, and navy blue tend to stand out more against the background, making it easier for mosquitoes to spot when out hunting blood. However, whether they snack on you isn’t only about the color of your clothes.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to heat and the breath we exhale. Factors like your body temperature, blood type, and whether or not you’ve been drinking alcohol all play a significant role in their choice of a meal.

If you want to make yourself even slightly less attractive to these nasty bugs, opt for light colors like whites, pastels, or neutrals. Remember that any advantage is a good advantage against mosquitos.

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