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How Bad Are Potholes for Your Car?

An orange traffic cone sits inside a pothole.
Paul Vasarhelyi/Shutterstock.com

Oh, that heart-stopping moment when you plow through a pothole on the road that was much, much, much larger than you anticipated. The jolt, the bang, the crunch, and the instant concern for your car’s well-being. So, exactly how bad are these road cavities for our vehicles?

On a scale of 1 to 10, a pothole can cause a one in damage…but it can also cause a solid 10.

We’ve all encountered a pothole that gave us a bit of a jump scare but didn’t cause any problems. Don’t let that encounter deceive you into thinking potholes are harmless. If you’re not careful, these sneaky road hazards can wreak havoc on your car’s suspension system, tires, wheels, and body.

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Yes, it’s possible for a pothole to only cause slight alignment issues for your car. These problems can easily be corrected the next time you’re in for an oil change.

On the other end of the spectrum, some potholes make a bank-denting mess. The most common problem is for your tires. Even small potholes can cause punctures, flats, and rim damage. Broken shocks and struts are also common pothole causalities.

If you continue to hit potholes, you’ll likely cause your car to wear down prematurely. The structural integrity of your car will weaken much faster when constantly combatting holes in the road.

Always practice safe driving habits and avoid those craters to keep your car in good shape. This will keep you prepared for all your commutes, errands, and road trips.

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