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That Viral Costco Standing Desk Is Back in Stock

A standing desk from Costco is on display, and a person sets up a Costco standing desk.

Costco jacket season is over, but that doesn’t mean the big box retailer is out of the viral product game. Instead, it’s restocking one of its most popular products—a sleek standing desk—and it’s perfect for your home office setup.

The Costco standing desk is the Tresanti Gellar 47″ Adjustable Height Desk, and it’s available for shipping on the retailer’s website right now.

Why have TikTokers fallen for this desk, though? Well, first of all, it’s from Costco, and that means that if there’s one in stock nearby, you can just pop in your local store and take it home. But other than ease of access, it’s all about the multitude of features.


Sorry yall it took me 3 weeks to muster up the strength to edit this but this desk is fire 10/10 review 🔥

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For those working in small home offices or who have office areas in bedrooms or living rooms, the desk’s size is a major plus. It’s got a 25.5″ depth and 48″ desk area. That means while it’s plenty big enough for your computer, work notes, and a cup of coffee, it’s small enough to squeeze into a small space.

Inside the desk, you’ll find a large partitioned drawer to store any of your office supplies, and the top of the desk is dry-erase compatible, so you can make notes right on the desk. The side of the desk is home to one USB and two USB-C ports, so you can charge up to three devices at one time.

As for the biggest selling point—the fact that it’s adjustable—the desk can be raised up o 47″ and as low as 29.3.” There are three height presets you can choose from as well, and there’s a lock button to keep your desk at your desired height for as long as you’d like.

If you’ve been considering a standing desk to become more active at work, this viral option from Costco might just be the ticket.

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