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How a Pool Noodle Can Help Your Potted Plants

A person wearing gardening gloves plants a potted plant.
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When you want to make a big impact in your landscaping or on your porch or patio, potted plants are the way to go. Large planters can provide visual interest and accents to stairs and doorways, but let’s be honest, filling them with all that potting soil can make them heavy, unmovable, and cost you quite a bit of cash. The answer? A pool noodle.

Pool noodles make great planter filler, and, they actually allow for drainage, too!

TikTok content creator Amy Gordon (@ohlala_decor) showcased this hack on the platform, and it’s genius. In her video, Gordon brought out a large planter, placed it onto a small stool, and then, began filling it with foam pool noodles.

First, she wrapped a noodle around the interior base of the planter, and then, she cut another noodle into pieces layering it over the first. Next, she added potting soil and filled the remaining portion of the planter before adding in her plants of choice.


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Why does this work so well? First of all, it’s going to save money on potting soil. Let’s be honest, it’s not always cheap, and if you’re making multiple planters, it’s downright expensive. Pool noodles will help you use less soil and save money.

Pool noodles are also meant to get wet. Surprising, we know. But what that means is that while they can fill the bottom of your planter, they also allow for draining, and considering that compacted soil can do the opposite, you’re saving yourself the trouble of checking through the growing season.

If you want to add a few extra potted plants to your porch or patio this year but also want to stick to your budget, this clever potted plant hack is the way to go.

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