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You Can Make Sangria With a French Press

A group of people cheers with glasses of sangria.
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Many people can’t live without their French press when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee in the morning. But, did you know you can also use that same French press later in the day—for happy hour?

With the summer season officially in gear, it’s time to start thinking about cool, refreshing, fruity sangria, and you can make the delicious shareable cocktail using your trusty French press!

A French press is great for making sangria because it helps the flavor of the fruit to really infuse into the wine. It also filters out any small particles, so if you’re using limes or oranges in your drink, you won’t have to worry about sipping up a piece of pulp!

BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker

Did you know your French press can be used for coffee AND cocktails?

To turn your French press from a coffee maker into a cocktail maker, layer your fruits at the bottom of the pitcher, add your alcohol, and plunge slowly. The pulp and seeds will stay at the bottom, the wine will become enriched with fruit flavors, and you can pour the drink easily for multiple guests.

Not only is this an awesome cocktail hack for the summer, but if you have more than one French press at home, you can make a variety of versions of sangria at once, making it a perfect solution for a dinner party.

But, even if you’re cocktailing alone, this process is so easy and quick that you can switch up the types of fruit and wine you use every time, and you don’t have to wait for the flavors to meld. Cheers to a sweet, sweet summer!

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